Indian startup launches fashion stylebot

An interactive fashion stylebot has been launched by Indian startup Streamoid Technologies, drawing on artificial intelligence (AI).

The bot mimics how personal styling assistants search and recommend products to clients. It can interact with customers in a fun, conversational manner to understand the context before making recommendations.

Customers can interact with the bot using images or text, or simply talking to it the same way they would with a sales assistant. Using visual search and natural-language processing, the bot understands the context of the conversation and offers relevant ideas such as product recommendations, style opinions or customer support.

Bots can be programmed with a brand’s sense of style, and they learn with each interaction. They can ease the load of customer service teams by handling routine queries, while passing along complicated ones for human intervention.

“The beauty of an automated service like this is that you can offer a reliable styling service to a large number of customers in real time,” says Streamoid CTO Rajesh Kumar. “This stylist never gets irritated, never goes on a holiday and always remembers what you like and what you don’t like.”

Its first stylebot, nicknamed Aisha, has been launched on Facebook Messenger in collaboration with “We seem to have got it working very well,” president/CEO Prashant Gupta says in a LinkedIn post. “We are seeing a 10 per cent conversion rate for users interacting with Aisha.”

Two kinds of product recommendations are made by the bot: similar products based on matching colours, pattern and style are recommended using visual search, and outfits are recommended using both machine learning and a fashion rules-based algorithm.


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