KFC Japan to launch new healthy dining retail concept

KFC Japan is to open a new healthy food retail concept called The Table by KFC in Sendai City on August 5.

The Table by KFC aims to offer deli-style foods, including salads, along with versions of its traditional favourites – like a full-size KFC chicken – targeting commuters passing through railway stations and shopping precincts.

The first store will be located in the S-Pal Sendai shopping center in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, which is located in the northern part of Honshu.

News of the concept was revealed in English on the Sorai News 24 website, which has published a number of photos of the dishes one can expect, following a local announcement by KFC Japan.

Sorai News 24 says the store is “designed to have a natural look, using plenty of wood-grain material for a ‘home kitchen’ feel”.

“The foods will be displayed in bowls and dishes of different designs, so that the setup is enjoyable to look at too.”

New dishes to join the menu include Spanish-style Garlic Chicken Gizzard and Oriental Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad.


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