Giant leap in Walmart-JD shopping festival sales

Transaction volumes were 13 times the previous 24-hour sales record for the Walmart-JD Omni-Channel Shopping Festival in China.

Walmart’s physical stores across the national also had a significant increase in traffic.

Through the ongoing integration of the two companies’ customer databases, platforms and inventories, Walmart has extended its reach to the 99 per cent of China’s population, the retailer says. JD, with its delivery network, meanwhile can offers its more than 236.5 million customers international products from Walmart and its subsidiaries Asda and Sam’s Club.

Females accounted for more than half of all shoppers in the festival, with their most popular brands including Great Value, Jinlongyu, Lego, Nestle and Pampers, and most popular products being diapers, cooking oil, shampoo, beer and toys.

Overall, American toys, Australian healthcare products, British foods, Korean facial masks and Japanese diapers proved to be the most popular items in the festival.


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