Artist Shinji Ohmaki bubbles up at mall

Hong Kong has been bubbling with activity thanks to a special performance at Harbour City by contemporary Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki.

In his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, he presented Memorial Rebirth, a public art project for which he used a 3m, six-tiered machine with 50 bubble-producing units to spew out 10,000 bubbles every minute.

Harbour City bubbles 2


He first designed and created the bubble machine in 2008, even developing a non-toxic soap bubble. It uses up about 35 litres of bubble mix every 15 to 20 minutes.

Harbour City bubbles 1

His signature bubble artwork has been presented in more than 20 cities in Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

This time he augmented the “bubble pyramid” with 45 smaller bubble machines installed at different levels and facing different directions to produce 10 million bubbles against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour. He presented 20 performances over 20 days.

Born in Gifu, Japan, in 1971, Ohmaki is associate professor of  the sculpture department of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He has had works commissioned by international fashion brands Hermes and Louis Vuitton.


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