Uniqlo maternity clothing makes debut

Japanese fast-fashion brand Uniqlo has launched a line of maternity clothing.

The Uniqlo maternity range includes stretch jeans, developed at Uniqlo’s Los Angeles Jeans Innovation Center. Available in blue or black, the jeans have a rib-stitched adjustable waist for a gentle fit around the hips and stomach, reports Sora News 24.

Uniqlo Maternity pant

There are also knit maternity legging pants with an adjustable waist and made from a cotton/polyester/polyurethane mix to prioritise comfort and ease of movement, as well as grey or black maternity leggings sewn with a minimum number of stitches for maximum coziness for relaxing at home.

Uniqlo Maternity pant 1

Uniqlo Maternity pant 2

Uniqlo also has maternity underwear in three colours made from a soft-touch, stretchable cotton/polyurethane blend with no pinching rubber in the waistband.

All four items are available through Uniqlo’s Japanese online store, as well as at the chain’s larger stores and select smaller branches in Japan.

There is no word as yet on when the products will find their way into the Uniqlo international stores.


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