Technology feature at Asics Harajuku Flagship

Asics Harajuku Flagship, opening in Tokyo on Friday, will be the brand’s largest retail store in Japan.

On the intersection of Meiji and Takeshita Streets, it will be Japan’s first flagship store to showcase the integration of three brands – Asics, sports lifestyle brand AsicsTiger and outdoor brand Haglofs.

The store comprises two retail spaces connected by a corridor. The Meiji Street entrance will feature both Asics and Haglofs. It will not only be a runner’s hub, but will also accommodate yoga and Pilates sessions. The Takeshita Street entrance is dedicated to AsicsTiger.

“Directly operated retail stores are becoming increasingly important in presenting our brand’s global view and as venues for direct communication with our customers,” says Asics president/CEO Motoi Oyama. “Asics plans to open more such flagship stores in key cities throughout the world and present our new image, while also expanding our contact with not only athletes but also our customers who enjoy sports as part of their everyday lifestyles.”

New experiences for customers at Asics Harajuku Flagship have been developed by the Asics Institute of Sports Science. A new service is the Asics Fitness Lab, a scientific measurement service especially for female customers. It also includes an Asics Custom Apparel Service and Asics Foot ID using intelligent sport technology.

There will also be new technology on tablet POS registers so the store’s staff members can check inventory for customers.

An airport delivery service will be offered to customers visiting Japan, with their purchases being delivered directly to either Haneda or Narita International Airport.

The Asics Fitness Lab program will involve trained staff members interviewing customers about their exercise routines, with devices to assess three-dimensional body measurements and body composition. This data, together with an analysis of gait, standing posture and muscle mass, will be used to suggest appropriate training methods, detailed advice on movements, and appropriate products to achieve goals.

The Asics Custom Apparel Service
 will produce long tights with hip and knee support, based on three-dimensional body-shape measurement. The product will be delivered to customers after about four weeks.

The Asics Foot ID
program will measure feet three-dimensionally and analyse gait and running style. Based on the results, the optimal shoe will be recommended.


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