Tap & Go QR payment facility goes live with 7-Eleven

HKT Payment has launched a Tap & Go QR payment facility for Hong Kong retailers – and to mark the launch, merchants can use the service free of service charges for a limited time.

HKT Payment, a licensed Stored Value Facilities provider, says its Go QR mobile payment acceptance service comprises a payment acceptance facility at point-of-sale, payment settlement, payment administration tool, and a dedicated merchant hotline to meet different merchant needs, where it is ideal for startups as there is no capital outlay for new equipment.

For a limited time, new merchants signing up to Tap & Go’s Go QR payment service can enjoy a waiver of the service charges for the first annual aggregate transaction amount of HK$5 million.

The Tap & Go Go QR payment service is already live at all 7-Eleven convenience stores across Hong Kong and online ticketing platform ticketflap.com, with a mix of other online and offline retailers as well.

Another retailer to adapt the solution is Overlab, a local fashion retailer. Founder Frankie Po says the convenience of the mobile payment system aligned with the needs of his target demographic, customers from the youth segment, who always has a mobile phone in hand.

Sabrina Yang, COO of Nosh, a meal delivery service, says an additional QR-based payment option allows them to reach new customers who are seeking an alternative payment means to cash.

Each member merchant will be provided with a unique QR code for Tap & Go customers to make payments. Using the Tap & Go mobile wallet app, customers only need to turn on the Go QR scanner to scan the merchant’s code, input the transaction amount and confirm the payment. Payment transaction details are shown simultaneously for the customer and for the merchant to review through the online payment administration portal.


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