Starbucks Japan opening in tourist attractions

Starbucks Japan is about to open stores at two tourist spots, Dogo Onsen and Miyajima (pictured).

An island in Hiroshima Bay, Miyajima goes by the official name of Itsukushima and is known for its floating torii gate off the shore of Itsukushima Shrine, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Starbucks says its new location on the island, accessed by a 10-minute ferry ride from the mainland, is a first for the company as the only outlet that has to be reached by boat.

Starbucks Japan- Miyajima 1

Featuring wood panels, panoramic windows and a balcony, the new Starbucks will share a building with a brewery restaurant run by local company Miyajima Beer.

Starbucks Japan- Miyajima 2

Also on an island, Dogo Onsen is believed to be Japan’s oldest hot spring, reports Sora News 24. It is in Matsuyama, on the island of Shikoku.

Starbucks Japan - Dogo Onsen station

Starbucks will take up residence in the two-storey wooden replica of the island’s original station. Its interior will pay homage to the original building that dated back to 1911. The tables and chairs will be made from old rails and sleepers.

Starbucks Japan - Dogo Onsen station 2

Starbucks Japan - Dogo Onsen station 1

The Miyajima Starbucks opens on November 22 while the Dogo Onsen outlet follows a month later.


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