FamilyMart to launch Fit & Go 24hr gyms

Japan’s FamilyMart is about to launch a fitness club chain, Fit & Go.

Like its convenience stores, the gyms will be open 24 hours a day.

Around-the-clock gyms have been growing in popularity in Japan, mainly supported by the age range of FamilyMart’s primary customer demographic, reports Sora News 24. While equipment may vary, all locations will offer treadmills and weight machines, as well as personal trainers, says FamilyMart. There will also be showers.

A certain amount of synergy is expected by the company as customers can buy workout-related items such as towels, soap and dietary supplements in the neighbouring convenience store.

Attached to FamilyMart in Tokyo’s Ota ward, the first Fit & Go is expected to open in February.

“While the gyms won’t have as much floor space as larger fitness centres, the aim is to provide a convenient place for people to get in a quick 30-minute workout at the start or end of their daily commute,” says Sora News 24. “It could be a great way to stay in shape, provided you don’t make a habit of rewarding yourself with a piece of FamilyMart’s fried chicken after you’re done.”


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