E-Mart launches electric mini-vehicles

South Korea’s discount store E-Mart, a unit of retail conglomerate Shinsegae Group, has started selling electric mini-vehicles.

E-Mart says it has expanded its M Lounge network to seven shops across Korea to sell electric bicycles and EVs.

Introduced at its Yeongdeungpo store last March to introduce its e-mobility lineup, M Lounge now sells E-Mart’s private-brand e-bike Pedelec and other brands such as Mando Footloose and Maskali, as well as Air Wheel (electric wheel) and iBoat (electric kickboard). It has also started taking orders for the Zhi Dou two-seater electric car from China, which can run up to 150㎞ on a single charge.

Cleared by regulatory authorities last month, the vehicle is expected to be priced at KW13 to 14 million (US$13,000).

E-Mart aims to install M Lounge at up to 20 key stores across the country.


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