Daily Cafe to offer premium coffee on the go

Dairy Farm is launching a multimillion-dollar campaign to introduce a premium coffee blend in its 260 7-Eleven Daily Cafe kiosks.

With its cappuccinos and lattes just $14 to go, it is staying well below the prices of established coffee shops like Pacific Coffee or Starbucks, reports Campaign.

“We identified different segments in the coffee market in Hong Kong and we found this is a ripe opportunity,” says 7-Eleven sales and marketing director for Hong Kong and Macau Elman Lee.

“They’re not looking for a barista to serve them, or for coffee art. They want accessibility, grab-and-go, but a quality coffee.”

Lee says the coffee venture is actually a strategic move. “With the trend of current lifestyles we want to build more signature products for our brand.”

Already 7-Eleven is working on a signature ice-cream product and is looking to add more signature ready-made snacks. For now, coffee is the focus, with new store designs moving the Daily Cafe kiosk machines next to the cash registers.

While 7-Eleven does not often run media campaigns, it is bolstering its coffee offer with transit ads on bus seats, exteriors and MTR windows along with print ads and store promotions throughout Hong Kong and Macau.

Hip hop group FAMA is fronting the campaign, with support on Facebook and WeChat from other local celebrities, including Everest climber John Tsang and even a cat, Brother Cream, from a Kowloon convenience store.


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