OIAM Boutique sets its own style

In a road flanked by chinar trees, OIAM Boutique is a fashion shop in the centre of Shanghai’s French Concession.

A three-storey modern-style house of about 600sqm designed by Nong Studio, it offers shopping, recreation and workshop. It is either public, private or somewhere in between. Mix and match is her tonality, writes Retail Design Blog.




The exterior is low profile and retro looking while the interior is modern with exaggeration forming an eclectic contrast. It is dynamically switched between the conspicuousness on the first floor and gentleness and elegance on second floor.



Unlike most boutiques, OIAM has a first floor that can be transformed from a private exhibition space to public space, integrating cafe, bar and showcase. The garage can also be transformed into an temporary exhibition space.



A pure white flower wall on the first floor will be replaced and recreated by different artists season by season. Other spaces can be flexibly used, such as showcasing or for a party.


Overall, the theme of the first floor is bold and avant-garde. Details include a branch-type chandelier behind an iron fence, a Dalí red-lips sofa, the Philippe Starck golden gun lamp and, most surprising, a vault door for the bathroom.


The second floor wanders between display and living room. The soft white window gauze builds a comfortable and gentle shopping experience. There is a VIP room where the atmosphere can be changed to match the season.

On the third floor is a spacious fashion workshop and office. A long table meets such demands as working, tailoring, meeting and socialising.



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