Central JD to launch online marketplace

A JV between JD and Thailand’s Central Group, Central JD Commerce will launch online marketplace www.jd.co.th in August.

A soft launch is scheduled within the next few weeks.

“Thailand is our second-biggest market in Southeast Asia following Indonesia, with Vietnam in third place,” says JD corporate VP Gloria Li.

She says Southeast Asia became part of JD’s overseas expansion strategy two years ago. “We will bring our technology expertise and transfers to local teams, building an innovative retail industry.”
Li says Thailand is an attractive market because of its preference for high-quality products and the rising number of middle-income consumers.

A partnership with Central Group will enhance the customer experience for online shopping and logistics, as well as warehouse and delivery capabilities, reports The Bangkok Post.

The marketplace will provide goods from qualified merchants, most of whom are brand owners and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Li says the JV will export Thai products where the company has a footprint, such as China and Russia.

“Our big-data analytics technology will provide customers insights into products for which there is high demand, helping them run promotions for targeted customers,” says Li. The return on investment with such marketing campaigns can be measured.

Globally, JD has 301 million customers, with 82 per cent of its orders made via mobile. It is the largest retailer in China with revenue of US$55.7 billion last year.


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