Second import ban looms for Daiso Taiwan

Japanese retail chain Daiso Taiwan is expecting to face a second import ban.

It was earlier slapped with a six-month ban for illegally importing food products from areas affected by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster and selling them with falsified labels of origin in Taiwan in 2015.

Known for selling food and discounted consumer products, Daiso was also fined NT$41.64 million (US$1.39 million) for falsifying transaction dates to obtain import permits, says Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. A total of 694 import application documents were found to be fraudulent.

Daiso Taiwan may also close its retail branch in Penghu, leaving it with 59 outlets.

Regarding the new import ban, Daiso Taiwan said on its website it had improved its import procedures since the lapse in 2015.


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