SF Express brings New Retail to Chongqing

Chinese courier firm SF Express has opened its first New Retail store in Chongqing.

The 3000sqm four-level “Wow Global Specialty Products Shop” is now the largest site in the city using the cross-border New Retail model, a mode of selling that involves data analytics and omni-channel technologies to effect an online/offline crossover. Chongqing is among the first cities slated for testing cross-border e-commerce trade by the Chinese administration.

The SF Express store showcases a range of imported products hand-picked by procurement teams, featuring many that have been endorsed by Chinese online Key Opinion Leaders. The store uses facial recognition and behavioral analytics, including other technologies, to interact with customers based on extensive data on the brand’s online shoppers that it has collected over the years in the courier business. Shoppers may buy in-store or elect to order their purchases to be shipped from abroad.

Wang Wei, president of SF Express, said New Retail integrates online and offline channels; marketers’ understanding of their customers; and a timely response to customer needs…

“SF is using its huge on-the-ground network, air-cargo handling capacities and its 2000-plus researchers to build a national brand of integrated services encompassing online e-tailing and an offline supply chain.”


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