Direct seller Avon broadens digital focus

Beauty & home goods direct seller Avon has announced advancements in its digital sales tools.

Avon’s digitised mobile-enabled shoppable brochure has now gone live in 12 countries, attracting 500,000 users in the first 48 hours of trading. The company has launched a new global sales centre to support 6 million of its registered beauty entrepreneurs, and set up a new team to integrate insight-led digitisation across Avon’s business model.

After refinement, the program will be expanded into other markets, including in Asia.

Sales representatives for the firm will use the tools to create personalised digital shopping carts that are directly shareable to targeted buyers’ mobile phones. Real-time consumer analytics will be used to refine product offerings according to customer needs and preferences, as well as to tweak the training and incentives for representatives.

According to CEO Jan Zijderveld, “Digitisation is at the heart of our strategy as we build a new, modern and relevant Avon that is both high-touch and high-tech.

“We are working intensely to build the right tools to support our 6 million-strong network of beauty entrepreneurs to help them provide a personal service to their customers that is underpinned by strong digital capability. This pilot is off to a promising start with huge potential as we implement more broadly.”


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