United Nude Philippines plans first store in Manila

Dutch shoe retailer United Nude Philippines has announced its first store will be at Resorts World.

The brand was established in 2003 by architect Rem D Koolhaas and Galahad Clark. Without any fashion experience, Koolhaas applied his existing design experience to creating new, avant-garde shoes.

According to Koolhaas, “We ended up breaking the rules of shoe design, not for the sake of breaking them, but simply by not knowing them.”

The brand’s most successful product is the Mobius shoe, with a single contiguous strip for the sole and heel. Similar architecture-inspired design features are now the brand’s trademark style.

“From the beginning, something that’s very important for us is that we design for a much larger group of people who have great interest for design, and not so much for trends or following trends but for people who have their own style,” says Koolhaas.

“As designers, we do our best to (at the same time) innovate and experiment. But on the other hand just to create something that’s good enough to last for longer.”

United Nude Philippines will open at Newport Mall, Resorts World, in Manila in September.


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