Exi.T sneaker store opens in Hysan Place

Streetwear label Exi.T is transforming the I.T flagship at Hysan Place into a pop-up sneaker store entitled The Grail Room.

Sneaker Exhibition (1)


Faye Tsui

Faye Tsui

The Exi.T sneaker store installation is staged in collaboration with Vans, New Balance, Adidas and Nike in a weekly rotating exhibition of sneaker styles from each of the four brands.




Emily Lau

Emily Lau

During the promotional period running until September 6, a series of scheduled events will be held, including workshops, exhibitions, and raffles. One of the four brands will be centrally featured each week.

VANS Exhibition (3)



VANS Workshop (2)

One exhibition will feature the work of 13 top fashion designers from various worldwide brands. Three Hong Kong sports representatives will attend to engage the audience in a dialogue over sneakers and fashion.

EXI.T Sabotage

Kenji Wong

Kenji Wong

A raffle of the newly-launched “Inside Out” collection by US footwear & apparel manufacturer Vans will be held at The Grail Room to launch four new styles.

The Exi.T sneaker store is part of celebrations marking I.T’s 30th anniversary.


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