Most Macau retailers report increased sales in July

Most Macau retailers enjoyed a boost in sales in July – but restaurateurs weren’t so lucky.

According to data from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC), based on interviews with retailers and restaurant businesses, 63 per cent of retailers reported improved year-on-year sales during the month, which was four percentage points down on June.  

However, just 39 per cent of restaurant operators reported an increase in takings for the month, eight percentage points fewer than in June.

Japanese and Korean restaurants were worst off, with just 33 per cent reporting increased sales, compared with 53 per cent in June; and just 26 per cent of western eateries, compared with 37 per cent in June.  

About one in three of all restaurant types reported a decline in takings.

In the retail sector, 72 per cent of watch and jewellery stores reported increased takings, less than the 89 per cent in June, but 67 per cent of cosmetics stores posted improved sales, compared with just 45 per cent the previous month.

Of all retailers interviewed, 27 per cent reported a year-on-year sales decline in July, up by nine percentage points from June.


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