Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand seeks coffee growth ahead of name change

Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand operator Mudman will revise branding next year in line with the preferences of white-collar workers and millennials.

The change follows the rebranding of the US master business, which will be shortened to “Dunkin’” next year. The brand is commonly referred to by its abbreviated name amongst customers.

Mudman’s CEO Nadim Xavier Salhani said the new branding signals there is something new there in term of products, store design and a new way to serve our customers.

Prior to the rebranding exercise, the firm will modernise its stores and expand its menu. The brand has already shifted focus to the coffee business this year, resulting in an overall sales increase of 10 per cent.

Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand strategy is for coffee to make up 30 per cent of its takings in the near future, with 12 new Dunkin’s stores planned to open next year. There are currently 290 branches throughout Thailand.

The coffee market is widely expected to have the potential for massive growth in Thailand.

According to Salhani, the future of the doughnut business in Thailand may not be as positive as in the past because people are more concerned about health and the market is very competitive. “This is why we are offering more coffee products.

“With our offensive business plan, we want to become a serious coffee player in Thailand,” he said. “When people think of Dunkin’, we hope they think of coffee.”


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