Bob’s Select Space in Beijing blends bar and retail store

Architectural studio Designreserve has created a new store in Beijing’s Sanlitun integrating a bar into the retail experience, according to a Dezeen report.

Bob’s Select Space is the flagship store for liquor retailer Bob’s Wine, aimed at creating a community space in a busy shopping area. The design explores the traditions of communication in liquor culture and merchandise.


Designreserve co-founder Feng Yue told Dezeen: “We wanted to create a strong visual identity. So we invited a graphic artist to design special fonts for each major alcohol type displayed on the facade. For us it is a kind of public art.


“Previous shops of Bob’s Wine are popular for their wide range of bottle selection as well as for their relaxing atmospheres, but the spaces were geared towards retail rather than bar.”


The 60sqm space is divided into three rooms that transition visitors from the public domain to a more intimate “hideout”.

“Experience is the key determining factor for the success of retail spaces,” said Yue. “Therefore, our job as designers is to create spaces where people feel inspired and hopeful that city life can still be fun.”


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