Dear So Cute in Chinese Haining features catwalk

Design firm Lukstudio has created a theatrical-style shop and cafe as a promotional and retail space for fashion platform Dear So Cute in Chinese Haining.


Inspired by South Korean cafe/fashion trends, the design is intended to communicate the brand’s values and showcase products to younger consumers.


The store layout features a backstage rigging system to adjust display features as with a theatre stage, and incorporates elements of the Hainingese shadow puppet tradition in its design.




According to a report in Dezeen, the retail space emphasises the brand’s “forever young energy” with a minimal, contemporary look and pink highlights, serving as a neutral backdrop for the activities going on in the space. One standout feature is a stage in the fitting room area for customers to “catwalk” before friends while deciding on purchases.



“In today’s retail environment, most people shop online for the convenience and the reassurance of the review system,” Lukstudio’s founder Christina Luk told Dezeen. “However, I believe when it comes to delivering a brand’s identity and values, the physical store is much more effective.”

Read more about the store and see more images on Dezeen.


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