Coupang to host Thai products in online mall

South Korean e-commerce firm Coupang is planning to launch a flagship store in Thailand to boost the online sales of Thai-sourced products.

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has been promoting Thai products on the platform since August, which has brought in more than THB118 million (US$3.57 million) for mostly food and beverage items. The ministry has just met with Coupang executives to seal an agreement to expand cooperation, resulting in the establishment of a Thai Mall on the platform.

It is expected that the new partnership could result in an increase in sales to more than THB 200 million (US$6.06 million) over the coming year, a rise in export volumes to Korea by 7 per cent. Thailand’s total exports to South Korea were valued at $4.66 billion last year, an increase of 14.4 per cent from the year previous.

Commerce Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong said “South Koreans know Thai brands from travelling here”, with 1.5 million of them visiting Thailand annually.

Coupang is South Korea’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce firm. It recently received an investment of US$2 billion from the SoftBank Vision Fund. It offers more than 120 million items for sale and 4 million available for guaranteed one-day delivery.


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