MCM Playground opens on Orchard Road

German luxury brand MCM has unveiled a new concept, MCM Playground, adjacent to its flagship boutique at Paragon on Orchard Road.

MCM Playground is an immersive boutique space taking influence from vintage music players such as turntables and cassette players all decked out in a bold blue colour. The centrepiece is a huge cassette tape-shaped installation framed in neon bearing the phrase “I love Singapore”.

The space is clearly millennial-focused with a curation of the brand’s collection, including a festive range for Christmas and bags adorned with Swarovski crystals.

The new boutique aims to be a fun destination for shoppers, far less formal than the flagship alongside it. It offers product personalisation for customers as well.  

MCM Haus opened in May, the brand’s first Southeast Asian flagship, a 2160sqft space featuring the full range, including leather goods, ready-to-wear apparel, shoes and accessories.


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