ChoConveni chocolate convenience store opens in Kowloon

Chocolate convenience store ChoConveni has opened in Hong Kong’s Harbour City.
The store, designed by local visual artist Rex Koo, offers a global range of chocolates as well as chocolate cookies, desserts, liquors and milk drinks. It also retails stationery and other non-edible products with chocolate themes.
ChoConveni chocolate
Visitors to the store can take photos of themselves at its “Status Wall” photo booth.
ChoConveni convenience 1

A customised Kit Kat pop-up store will launch simultaneously at Harbour City, featuring technology to create customised chocolate bar wrappers from photographs provided by customers. It is also selling limited-edition Kit Kat flavours, including Ruby Chocolate with Rose, Durian Delight, Abundance of Mandarin and Earl Grey Tea with Orange.


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