Iuiga defends use of Muji brand on its website

Singaporean retailer Iuiga says it has done “nothing wrong” using the Muji brand name on its website.

“The information on [our] website is factually accurate and [our] manufacturing processes are legal,” said Jaslyn Chan, Iuiga chief growth officer, in an emailed response to an article by Inside Retail Asia.

Iuiga says it works directly with Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), who produce for large international brands including Muji. Under the ODM business model, the exterior, aesthetics, materials, dimensions and patented technologies are developed by the ODM and these product and design rights belong to them.

“There is no direct ownership of the product by any single brand entity, allowing the ODM to produce for more than one brand. This is what Iuiga means when it says a certain product is from the “same manufacturer as Brand A”.

Based on this, Iuiga maintains it is working with ODMs that also work with Muji.

“Iuiga is also preparing a list of manufacturers that both Iuiga and Muji work with to be released to the media later,” Chan added.


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