Khun Thai Tea appoints Indonesia master franchisee

Entrepreneur Amelia Fransisca has been appointed master franchise holder for Khun Thai Tea Indonesia.

Fransisca, who has a 10-year tenure in the food service industry, said she chose Khun Thai Tea for its novel, fresh taste despite its low sugar content compared to other competitors, amidst trending consumer demand in Indonesia for original tea and healthier beverage options.

“This brand will be huge as an option for fresh tea and healthier choices,” said Fransisca. “I believe the brand will also become more recognisable to our people (especially among young people) because it is introduced and organised by a great team and a great plan.”

Indonesia is already home to four Khun Thai Tea outlets – three in Jakarta and one in Bali. Fransisca plans to spur growth by focussing her efforts in Indonesia’s cities and suburban areas, with special care given to the Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi areas, where she says new outlets will help the brand gain more recognition.

She has also chosen to open in these areas first due to local consumers’ strong buying power, range of food and beverage choices and exposure to product innovation. They are also well-positioned in terms of proximity, allowing closer supervision of procedures, services, and product quality.

“The food and beverage business still has lots of room to develop and innovate nowadays, especially in Indonesia. That is why F&B is a good business,” she said. “Selling drinks is also simpler, and delivers good margins for comparatively average business costs … Compared to starting up a new business, it is also safer to choose a franchise.”

“According to recent research conducted through social media in Indonesia, a glass of milk tea with boba is still the number-two most-wanted product on most Indonesians’ must-buy list, after famous chicken dishes called ‘Ayam Geprek’.”

Khun Thai Tea is currently amongst the fastest-growing beverage store brands in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


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