New Dean & DeLuca Stage concept opens in New York City

Thai-owned New York gourmet market concept Dean & DeLuca has opened its first new chef-led eatery design.

Located in New York City’s hip Meatpacking District, Dean & DeLuca Stage aims to celebrate food as a “profound cultural and social experience”.

Dean & DeLuca STAGE by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_Photo by Julian Faulhaber_01

“Stage embodies an interactive, contemporary notion of culture,” says architect Ole Scheeren. “The idea, with its reference to a theatrical setting, opens a wide spectrum of possibilities and interpretations of a space where people come together, where stories are being told, where performances take place, and where food merges with the notions of entertainment and culture. It is an innovative platform that can integrate and resonate with diverse local contexts throughout the world.”

Dean & DeLuca STAGE by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_Photo by Julian Faulhaber_02

The restaurant puts a spotlight on the presentation and preparation of the food created by Dean & DeLuca’s culinary team. A release issued by the group reads: “Stage is a pristine, magical object which acts as a dramatic backdrop for food, staff, and the choreography of preparing and assembling its delicacies. It comprises two horizontal volumes of mirrored stainless steel, one floating above the other and containing an undulating topography of white corian that cradles beautifully crafted dishes and fresh ingredients.

“Dean & DeLuca Stage is a freestanding object that allows people to circulate around it as they interact with the staff and watch their food being prepared. The sculpted countertop conceals and integrates the complex, custom-made technology to preserve and prepare the food, in a piece of precision engineering.”

Dean & DeLuca STAGE by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_Photo by Julian Faulhaber_06

The Dean & DeLuca Stage concept was first presented at Design Miami/2016, representing Scheeren’s interest in shared and communal space, and the ability of architecture to bring people together and explore new possibilities and qualities of social interaction, whether in large-scale developments or more intimate interior projects.

Dean & DeLuca STAGE by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_Photo by Julian Faulhaber_07

The development was overseen by OS Development, a New York-based project-management and design-execution firm working with Buro Ole Scheeren, which has recently completed numerous high-profile projects, many of them in Asia.

Dean & DeLuca STAGE by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_Photo by Julian Faulhaber_08

“I conceived Stage as a social magnet, as a spectacular futuristic showpiece that attracts and brings people together and encourages interaction between the people making and the people consuming food,” says Scheeren. “In this way it has a fundamental social and human ambition.”

Dean & DeLuca is owned by Pace Corporation.


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