Cardboard cafe opens in Mumbai

An entire cafe has been built out of corrugated cardboard in Mumbai, India by local architectural studio Nudes, according to a report in Dezeen.

In an attempt to demonstrate its versatility, every structure in the cardboard cafe outside the core frame is made from recycled, biodegradable materials, including the furniture. The features were constructed by compiling numerous layers of the cardboard, which was then sculpted into shape. Some furniture in the cardboard cafe, including high chairs for children, are built in segments that can be assembled at will.

According to Dezeen, the cardboard “is also an insulating material that absorbs sound well in a noisy cafe environment.”

“Building with cardboard meant constant exploration and inquiry into material performance,” said a Nudes spokesperson. “The table tops are impregnated with wax treatment to prevent water absorption and facilitate ease of maintenance.

“We are hoping that this space evolves into a vibrant hub for dialogue and conversation on the role of design, material & technology in protecting the earth’s resources towards a sustainable future.”


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