Fast-food chain Jollibee starts planning for China launch

Filipino fast food chain Jollibee may open its first location in China within the next five years.

The firm already has a presence in the territory, where it operates the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise. It also operates eight stores in Hong Kong.

JFC president and CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong told CNBC’s Managing Asia that the firm is currently looking for a location where there is a high Filipino population, with a view to attracting the local market afterwards.

“We build the base and slowly cross over to the mainstream market, which is the local market,” said Tanmantiong. “We have done that successfully in Hong Kong and in Singapore.”

The firm took legal action against a copycat restaurant in China, JoyRulBee, earlier this year.

Jollibee will open its first store in Rome and Spain shortly while exploring other markets.


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