Gucci store closed after staff contract measles

Gucci’s Harbour City store has been closed for disinfecting after three staff members fell ill with measles within the last week.

A Harbour City spokeswoman told the South China Morning Post that store staff advised mall management about the infections last evening and the Canton Road store was closed early.  Gucci’s office at Ocean Centre has also been closed.

“We are carrying out a thorough disinfection and extra cleaning throughout the mall,” the spokeswoman said. “The two washrooms near the store have also been temporarily suspended for disinfection and cleaning.”

Hong Kong health officials are on high alert as the territory has witnessed a rapid escalation in the number of measles cases reported in recent weeks. Last year, 15 people were reported to have contracted the highly infectious disease, but already this year there have been 73 cases, including 29 people working at Hong Kong International Airport.

According to the SCMP, the first Gucci staff member, a male aged 30, became ill last Tuesday after flying to Tokyo. He is now back in Hong Kong and recovering in hospital.

The second and third victims, both women aged 25, have since developed symptoms and are also recovering in hospital.  

The incubation period of measles lasts from seven to 21 days before symptoms are obvious.

None of the three staff had worked at other Gucci shops and none of their family members have developed symptoms.


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