How a strong store design can increase retail sales

Concept stores are used to change the layout and colour scheme of a store and inject excitement into a brand. But great store design can increase retail sales by leading to a better customer experience.

First impressions really do matter – especially in retail design. Rather than focus too much time and effort into the product they are trying to sell, retailers often need to focus more on where the product is being sold and invest more in store design.

1. Start with the entrance

Since first impressions are often what stick with customers the most, it is essential for concept stores to have a strong store design starting at the very entrance of the store. The entrance sets the tone for the rest of the customer experience.

Store designs should focus on creating engaging window displays the catch their customers’ eyes. Displaying the merchandise in a creative and exciting way will start off the customer experience the right way. The next factor to focus on is the door. Everything from how large or small, the material used, and the colour is important in conveying a certain message.

Concept stores should keep in mind their target customer and use materials and colours that are fluid with their store identity. Being able to successfully combine all these components will attract more customers into the store and increase its popularity. Below is an example of the Versace store design entrance. The company used a glass door to complement its elegant and chic store design. It also used engaging window displays in order to attract customers inside.

Versace on verge of being sold for $2bn
Image Source: Retail Gazette

2. Keep the theme fluid

Once the customer has been drawn into the store, it is important to keep the customer in the store for as long as possible and ensure they have a positive experience there. Concept stores need to identify the customer they are targeting. For example, if a concept store like Michael Kors is attempting to target affluent, older women, it needs to use colours, designs, and appropriate lighting techniques that appeal to the target market.

In fact, just focusing on improving lighting within store designs “increases sales by 1.93 per cent per customer” according to Perillo Construction.

Below is a Michael Kors store design that incorporates all of these concepts successfully. Keeping this theme consistent with its logo and promotional techniques will make the brand more recognisable and stronger. Nine in 10 customers have visited a store because of an online experience, so it is important to get customers interested with social media promotions but then keep them interested once they enter the store. (Source: Marketing Land).

Image Source: Pinterest 

3. The results

Success in these different areas will result in increased sales by 50 per cent, according to Entrepreneur. Having a strong concept store is important to the success of a company. Concept stores need to constantly be thinking about how they can improve their store design to create the optimal experience for their customers. By identifying exactly who the company wants to target and creating a strong first impression with window displays, entrance mats, and continuing the theme with strong design, colouring, and lighting, a strong store design can increase retail sales and create a positive customer shopping experience.

Having a good product only goes so far. A strong store design to accompany a great product is the successful way to increase sales.


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