Fairwood eSports opens as Hong Kong’s first e-sports and dining destination

Hong Kong’s first e-sports and dining complex opens this month, created by the Kowloon EStadium and listed corporate restaurateur Fairwood.  

Fairwood eSports will open at E-Max offering 13,000sqft of space integrating elements of e-sports, live streaming and content-sharing for gourmands and e-sports enthusiasts. 

Divided into six different zones, Fairwood eSports provides more than 100 seats for casual dining and includes a main stage to support e-sports events with professional equipment and a distinctive multi-purpose ‘Xengagement room’.

Touted as the first large-scale collaborative project between the food and beverage industry and the e-sports industry, Fairwood eSports is located at E-Max, a mall which prioritises supporting the development of e-sports. 

A KE Bar supplies six kinds of local craft beer from Black Kite Brewery, while the e-sports area, consists of 25 advanced gaming computers, on which players can battle each other online and enjoying food. Players can live stream their gameplays in a dedicated streaming area. 

Fairwood eSports will be open from 7.30am to 9pm, providing signature dishes including Ah Wood curry series and Ah Wood Baked Pork Chop with Rice. Customers can also order their meals by self-service kiosk inside dining area or using the online ordering service offered inside the e-sports area. 

Kowloon EStadium serves international companies, by providing one-stop customised Estadium and e-sports enterprise inquiry, infrastructure development, operations, marketing and solution-planning to many major international brands, realtors and property development companies, as well as government departments across greater Asia. In 2017, Kowloon EStadium co-operated with E-max to build the first Estadium in the heart of Kowloon Bay, offering professional applications and training aimed to provide professional training to eSports players in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, Kowloon EStadium has been committed to providing youth training and nurturance for Hong Kong e-sports players, piloting the development of Hong Kong’s future e-sports talents. This year, the Kowloon EStadium and its partners have set up the first integrated e-sports hall for the Hong Kong Government.


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