Chongqing fashion boutique SND makes the most of monochrome

SND, a womenswear store in Chongqing, features “monochromatic interiors with mirrored surfaces and unusual fur-covered partitions”.

Featured by Dezeen for its notable interior design work by architecture studio Various Associates, the store has a focus on symmetry and a rectangular floor plan enclosing a smaller rectangular zone that accommodates a service desk, lounge area and VIP dressing rooms.

The room is designed with slanted terrazzo walls punctuated with a series of openings to allow easy access to the store.

“Customers can clearly know the routes and view every product in display while walking, offering them a chance to select and compare goods easily,” said a representative from the studio. “We continued the idea of symmetric design, offering the interior space a sacred and ceremonial sense.”

The store employs neutral grey tones  with strip lighting behind concrete panels to gently illuminate the garments.

“We strengthened a sense of awe and spatial awareness in our design language, showing strongly contrasting design theme to differentiate the past image of the shop,” said the studio.


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