Canadian swimwear label La Vie en Rose to launch in China

Canadian specialty lingerie and swimwear label La Vie en Rose is expanding its business into Mainland China as part of a strategy to become twice as large and profitable within the next three years.

The brand will launch in Guangzhou’s PO Park shopping mall later this month with further locations in Guangzhou to follow.

“We were ready to accept the challenge of taking our first steps in China,” said La Vie en Rose president and CEO Francois Roberge. “We are looking at our first two years in the country as a real learning period. It’s very important to understand how the market works in order to build a foundation for our expansion.”

The brand operates more than 360 stores, including 95 international locations in more than 15 countries, targeting women between 25 and 45.

“Over the next two years, we plan on opening several physical locations in Guangzhou and continuing our expansion in China from there,” said La Vie en Rose VP of strategy and development Aurélie Daoust-Lalande. 

“We have the ambitious goal of doubling the size and profitability of the company by 2022, and our expansion outside of Canada will definitely play a major role in achieving this objective.”

The firm’s products are also to be launched online on the Tmall online retail platform.


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