South Korean online shoppers still see brick-and-mortar as crucial

South Korean online shoppers still see offline stores as a crucial part of shopping, a recent study has shown.

Furthermore, despite the widely held belief that consumers will engage in online shopping during lunch breaks, or before they go to bed, the study has also revealed that many shop during work hours.

DMC Media, a South Korean media lab, reported stark differences in perception between the industry and consumers.

Among consumers with shopping experience in the last six months, 73.2 per cent collected shopping information at offline stores, ranking second after mobile shopping (81 per cent).

About three in four consumers use offline stores rather than the web, indicating shoppers still have a desire to look at products before they buy.

While offline stores are falling behind in the competition with e-commerce, online consumers are still acquiring shopping information through offline stores, which may indicate a path towards finding a breakthrough.

In contrast, online marketers have been underestimating the importance of offline stores at 30.7 per cent.

Online marketers’s views differ on the time frame when most consumers engage in online shopping. While many believed consumers would not engage in online shopping during working hours (9am to 6pm), the study showed consumers consistently devote time to online shopping after 9am (15.4 per cent) and online shopping activity peaks between 6pm and 9pm (46.9 per cent), which shows most consumers engage in shopping activities regardless of time and work.

When choosing an online shopping mall, consumers consider the price (29.4 per cent) and product quality (23.4 per cent). Coupons are a factor for 9.4 per cent of consumers. 

The study also found that consumers click less on the advertisements posted on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks (50.7 per cent) than those linking to a portal website (69.1 per cent).

“Making a strong impression on consumers at offline stores through special programs will not only raise short-term profits, but also increase brand loyalty and encourage them to come back,” said the DMC Media research team.


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