Zhongshuge Minhang bookstore features grand book hall

A new bookstore in Shanghai’s Minhang District has been featured on designboom.com for its remarkable design.

The Zhongshuge Minhang store was created by Chinese architectural firm X+living and installed in a third floor business park location. The store features a black book wall with groups of peg-top bookshelves under a soft light, as well as a text-covered curtain wall with balanced geometric bookshelves inspired by spinning ballet dancers.

The store’s grand book hall features bookshelves stretched outwards on both sides towards a mirror ceiling with symmetrical designs resembling a British church. Low-profile reading booths allow visitors to enjoy private and quiet escapes during their reading.

Readers may buy a cup of coffee while reading their selected books in an atmosphere that emphasises the beauty of books and reflects a cultured and multidimensional design vision.


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