Contaminated water forces seven Starbucks Hanoi stores to close

Coffee chain Starbucks has temporarily closed seven outlets in Hanoi, Vietnam as the city copes with serious oil contamination of its water supply. 

According to a customer service staff member, the Starbucks Hanoi stores are closed in areas where water comes from the Da River, including Cau Giay, Ha Dong and Nam Tu Liem districts. The coffee chain has not confirmed a reopening date. 

The contamination traces back to a truck seen dumping used oil into a mountain creek in Phu Minh Commune, Hoa Binh Province last week which has led to contaminated tap water for about 1 million Hanoi residents. 

While Starbucks is not alone in closing stores, other major coffee chains and eateries in the contaminated areas have arranged alternative sources of water and remain open. 

Local news media report that tap water has now passed safety tests, but Hanoi officials advise consumers against drinking or cooking with it.

Meanwhile, there are widespread reports of bottled water prices soaring in the city as people rush to buy safe water. While tap water in Vietnam is not considered safe to drink it is generally acceptable to use it for cooking. 


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