South Korea’s Wave Company wants to take EMS tech apparel to the masses

South Korean sports garment technology firm Wave Company has developed an Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) suit which it will launch on Kickstarter in January.

WaveWear, as the suit is branded, is described as the world’s first performance wear to use genuine kinesiology taping, allowing the wearer to experience the advantages of kinesiology taping and compression wear by just wearing the garment.

WaveWear (pictured below) reduces muscle fatigue using its proprietary BWAS ‘bio waved adhesive silicone’ which closely aligns and adheres to the human skin to provide similar effects of conventional kinesiology taping that is used prominently by athletes. Its uses include physical therapy for pain-reducing, posture correcting, performance-enhancing and injury prevention.

WaveWear combines the advantages of kinesiology taping compression wear into one unified product. The compression provided by WaveWear has been optimised to maximise blood flow while minimising muscle vibration to help reduce fatigue. Based on clinical tests, WaveWear reduces muscle fatigue as much as 35 per cent compared to other normal compression wear in water conditions.

EMS technology is considered a “hot” market globally, however pricing is high. Wave Company says it is aiming to popularise the EMS functional clothing by introducing EMS apparel to more people at a reasonable price by simplifying the design and adjusting its essential functions. 

“WaveWear captures the hearts of consumers by selecting essential functional features at a more affordable price and making differences with other EMS apparel,” the company said in a statement.

The WaveWear clothing will be launched on Kickstarter, the World’s biggest crowdfunding platform, in January.


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