The White Crow, India: a bird’s-eye view of fashion

Interior design studio ST Design has designed a new concept store for The White Crow, a multi-brand, avant-garde fashion store based in Ahmedabad, India.

The 400sqm two-storey building features a bird’s-eye view of fashion, reflecting its roots in the book The Story of a White Blackbird by Alfred de Musset.

“The White Crow is a poetic experience that leads customers to find themselves and be inspired; this experience unfolds during the journey through the store and at each instant acts as a prelude of what is ahead,” said studio founder Stefano Tordiglione.

The interior design concept draws inspiration from a bird’s eye view of various cityscapes, and brings lines and patterns from the outside world to a retail environment. The towering shelves are reminiscent of world-class high-rise buildings, while floor patterns are inspired by the tram tracks in Ahmedabad. The round coffee tables evoke city roundabouts, and the web of lines on the ceiling references a city map.

The entire store features white, light wood and grey surfaces with natural textures bringing warmth to the space, while metals create contrast and add an air of sophistication.

The store offers an individualised shopping experience with premium seating areas and VIP services. There are no check-out counters. The whole store is lit up by layers of warm glow with an uneven distribution of lighting that provides different moods as well as a cosy welcome.

The White Crow features a range of both local and world-famous fashion brands.


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