Label technology launched to foil counterfeiters

Security-label technology has been launched in South Korea that can prevent “label replacement” on clothing preventing counterfeit items being disguised as genuine.

The state-run Korea Minting, Security Printing and ID Card Operating Corp (Komsco) says its security-label technology can make labels for clothing using fibres containing special security materials.

If the label is placed in front of a special security material detector, an alarm sounds to confirm it is genuine.

On the contrary, fake labels do not generate sound because sensors cannot recognise the presence of security materials.

The technology can be used not only for labels attached to clothes, but also for embroidery attached to uniforms or sports club uniforms, officials from Komsco explained.

Eco-friendly containers for products such as instant noodles can be developed using eco-friendly cotton fibre of the same type used to make banknotes,

“The key to money manufacturing is anti-forgery technology,” Komsco CEO Cho Yong-man said, adding that “the technology can be used in various areas of society, not just money”.


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