Cheese-tea chain Machi Machi to launch in Singapore

Machi Machi, the Taiwanese cheese-tea chain which went viral after featuring in a music video of Mandopop king Jay Chou, is set to debut in Singapore.  

Named after Chou’s wife’s pet dog, Machi Machi Singapore will open at 25 Arab Street this month. 

According to the franchise owner, the Singapore outlet will have “no seats”, but is hoped to be launched before Jay Chou’s upcoming Carnival World Tour concert in the city on January 10 and 11. 

The Singapore store will offer its signature drink “God of Cheese Tea” together with other 18 items, including panna cotta, tea with fresh fruit, and the classic milk tea with pearls.

Machi Machi now has stores in 10 countries including Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, France, Australia, Canada, Sweden and the UK. 


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