AR t-shirts tell stories via smartphones

Swedish fashion retailer Carlings has released an AR T-shirts with slogans visible only by using a smartphone.

The Last Statement range of AR t-shirts was designed for the firm by creative agency Virtue and are only available to buy online via the Carlings website.

Wearers of the shirt can select from a series of graphics commenting on political topics of the day, which are superimposed over the white space on the shirt when photographed using a custom app. The designs target an online audience with expectations that photos will be posted widely on social media.

Twenty designs have been released since December, with more planned as Carlings continues to update the selections available.

“A statement t-shirt is a way for the voiceless to get their message out there and today, social media allows people to amplify that a thousand times,” Carlings CEO Ronny Mikalsen told Dezeen. “But social media also makes statement t-shirts even more of a one-off purchase. So we worked on how to extend the environmental impact of a single t-shirt through digital innovation.”

A small logo at the top of the AR t-shirts serves as a tracking point for the smartphone camera, anchoring the superimposed design.


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