Hyundai Department Store aims to eliminate paper receipts

Hyundai Department Store says it will launch an electronic receipt issuance service with the aim of “zero” paper receipts within three years.

Electronic receipts will be issued in the form of the automatic issuance of receipts through mobile applications instead of paper receipts when purchasing goods.

Last year, about 160 million paper receipts were issued by Hyundai Department Store and Hyundai outlets.

If an average length of paper receipt is 25cm, the total length of issued paper receipt would be able to circle the earth once – about 40,000km.

Even if one is not a member of the department store’s loyalty program, the company will introduce a “mobile receipt” service that sends receipts by text message if a mobile phone number is entered in the process of product payment, which will also eliminate paper receipts.

The issuance of electronic receipts is a measure under the “paper receipt elimination” agreement signed with the Ministry of Environment and other government ministries last August.

The department store expects that the issuance of electronic receipts will have the effect of eliminating paper waste and waste disposal issues as well as minimising concerns over personal information leaks.


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