WWF ranks Malaysia’s most sustainable retailers

Tesco Stores has been named the most sustainable retailer in Malaysia with the WWF.

The firm achieved a 76 per cent rating on the foundation’s Sustainable Retailers Scorecard. It is the first time the study, which evaluates both environmental performance and sustainability, has been conducted in Malaysia.

Only seven of the 18 retailers invited to participate in the survey responded, providing information about their firms’ policies, packing and sourcing practices. Multinational firms surveyed ranked higher than local firms in part due to policies developed in their home territories.

The other six, in ranking order, were Aeon (54 per cent), Aeon Wellness (38 per cent), MyNews (33 per cent), Caring Pharmacy (29 per cent), Aeon Big (28 per cent) and Econsave (17 per cent)

“Companies are now telling their stories and becoming more transparent,” said ministry of energy, science, technology, environment and climate change deputy secretary-general Dr Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu. “I think this will not only help the environment but also help companies to be more sustainable and competitive.”

Kangayatkarasu expressed confidence that more companies will agree to join the study in future as transparency becomes increasingly important to consumers.

“Consumers are being more informed,” he said. “Even if we don’t inform them, they will go on the web to get the information.”


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