McDonald’s scented candles top new merchandise range

McDonald’s scented candles are among a range of new merchandise items released by the fast-food giant in the US.

According to the firm’s website, the merchandise is now on sale for a limited time to celebrate the brand’s Quarter Pounder burger – which will soon turn 50 – and coincide with the opening of a fan club dedicated to the menu item.

The items, including a fan club t-shirt, a 2020 calendar and a collection of McDonald’s scented candles which share the same beef-and-burger smell of a Quarter Pounder.  The items are being sold on a dedicated website

Another new product is Couples Quarter Pounder Mittens “to hold hands and hold a hot and deliciously juicy Quarter Pounder cooked just for you right when you order”.

The firm says it will unveil a “sizable bronze monument” of the Quarter Pounder on Wednesday, in a US city yet to be revealed.


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