Daegu citizens use social media to support restaurants hit by coronavirus

Citizens of South Korean city Daegu are working together on social media to prop up local businesses hit hard by the rapidly growing coronavirus outbreak.

A Facebook page introducing restaurants in Daegu posted Friday that many establishments are losing money due to the coronavirus epidemic. These restaurants saw their sales fall and are struggling to use up food and ingredients.

The Facebook page posted a message saying, “If there are restaurants who need help using up ingredients, please let us know. We will help as best as we can.”

Citizens are taking steps to make sure that restaurant food going unsold due to a drop in customer numbers doesn’t go to waste.

When such information was made public, inquiries were made by various local restaurants, including steak restaurants and cafes that sell desserts and beverages.

Site managers received and posted the remaining materials, prices, contact information and photos from restaurant owners. Some posts also showed a welcoming phrase, “Used up all the ingredients.”

There were also citizen reports to publicise the situation at traditional markets, where many elderly vendors are not familiar with the internet.

One citizen said: “There are a lot of fruits at Seomun Market stalls and so on. Delivery is also possible,” and provided the site manager with the location and the phone number.

Other Facebook pages that deliver various news in the region have also joined the initiative.


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