Featured store: Steampunk theme for Japanese hair salon Miyanishi Yakeyama

Japanese hair salon Miyanishi Yakeyama, created by architectural firm Fathom, features a wall of greenery and copper pipes.

The salon in Kura, Hiroshima is themed on ‘a castle airship’ depicted in the animated steampunk film Laputa, according to a profile in Designboom.

Miyanishi Yakeyama salon is characterised by sleek aesthetics based on the camouflage motif on the animated airship’s exterior, chiefly used in the partitions between the different salon stations.

The patterns and greenery are reflected within the store finished by white hues and mirror surfaces, with cut-out sections revealing the external scenery as if looking through clouds, creating a sensation of floating in the air.

Copper pipes and greenery feature prominently throughout the salon’s entranceway and the back garden area. The waiting area ceiling is also furnished in copper.

Three propellers on the store’s ceiling complete the airship design effect.


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