Featured store: Inside Brooks Brothers Shanghai

American fashion brand Brooks Brothers has launched a new fashion boutique in Shanghai with a refreshed design concept.

Created by Stefano Tordiglione Design, the interior strikes a balance between the heritage brand’s classic style and the expectations of modern customers. Three years since the studio unveiled its concept in Hong Kong, the new Shanghai location is a reworking of the layout in an attempt to reinvigorate the brand’s design language.

The 245sqm store is located in HKRI Taikoo Hui, Shanghai. Its fit out is intended to invoke an exclusive club atmosphere with “an authoritative, timeless high standard, while at the same time lightening the concept to allow air to breathe,” according to lead designer Stefano Tordiglione. This has resulted in moves to create openness, shifting hangers and shelving outward from the walls. Customers are encouraged to peruse stock between graceful brass-lined tables and warm wooden drawers on elegant grey wooden flooring. Materials include walnut, mahogany, leather, velvet fabric, brass furniture and fittings and the flooring is oak wood and mosaic with custom patterns. 

Design highlights taken from the Hong Kong boutique include the zigzag-style compartments and shelving to bring a floating appearance to the products. A significant difference, however, is the relocation of the central station to one side, reimagined as a stylish bar counter. 

The overall design brings Shanghai customers in touch with the full heritage and contemporary lineage of the brand.

  • Photography: Nicola Longobardi


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