Sunway Malls retailers granted flexible operating hours post MCO

Malaysian mall operator Sunway Malls is testing a new policy to allow non-essential retailers to implement flexible operating hours following the advent of government movement control orders.

If the one-month test proves to be effective, Sunway will extend the policy for another two months.

The move will see participating retailers trading eight hours daily rather than the current 12, yielding a cumulative 30-day saving of 120 trading hours and allowing improved optimisation of staffing arrangement from two working shifts to one. 

Market estimates show that 35 per cent of tenant retailer costs arise from wages, while rent constitutes 15 per cent. Savings from the move are anticipated to be equivalent to a half-month’s worth of rental costs.

“We foresee after the resumption of business post MCO, there will be a gestation period before full recovery takes place,” said Sunway Malls and Theme Parks CEO HC Chan. “We understand too that the new normal of social distancing and absence of mass gathering will have the greatest impact for the first three months post MCO. Taking cognisance of this, we have to accord some degree of business flexibility to our business partners.”

Sunway Malls will continue to operate as usual from 10 am–10 pm daily.


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